10 foot tomatoes and beans

Posted by on July 25, 2015

Several of my bean vines have passed the 10 foot mark and are still growing. My tomatoes are on their way and are about 7 foot tall at the moment.

How? A trellis based on conduit!

I picked up some 1/2″ by 10′ rebar and cut it down between 2-4 feet each. I went with two 3-footers and a 4 footer to account for winds that commonly blow down trees around here.

Pounded that rebar halfway into the ground to anchor the conduit and slipped a 1/2″ by 10 stick of EMT conduit over the rebar. That is where my trellis gets its 10′ height.

10′ away, I do the same with the rebar and conduit reaching for the sky. I used a couple of 90 degree fittings and put a 10′ stick of conduit between them across the top.

Tomatoes get a single string of jute twine that serpentines around the tomato vine. As the tomato plant grows, I wrap the top of the plant around the twine. Friction holds the tomato vine to the twine.

The same rebar/conduit frame is used for beans, but the beans get more of a netting that I make with a nylon string. This netting has holes about a square foot and the beans work themselves up the webbing on their own.

I am taking about indeterminate tomatoes and pole beans, which grow ‘forever’, as opposed to determinate tomatoes and bush beans, neither of which grow like vines.

Pics coming soon…

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