4th hive inspection (end of week 4)

Posted by on May 8, 2015

Today’s inspection was a mix…

I saw many new-bees in there confirming the orientation flights I have been seeing from my window. At first glance, that awesomely tight brood cell pattern was severely broken up. Looking closer, those newly opened cells had eggs or larvae in them and are about to be capped again until the larvae become bees! For the first time since I installed in this package on April 11, the population has a positive flow.

The new bees are smaller and lighter in color than the rest of the hive. A few of them were stumbling around like toddlers and I saw one that was crawling out of its cell for the first time.

I did not see the queen this time, but there is plenty of evidence that she is alive and well.

The bad news is this is the third of 4 inspections that has the bees drawing out frames 3-6. I saw some light comb drawn on frame 7, but it was not usable.

I read that spraying a 1:1 syrup on the foundation would inspire the bees to begin drawing out comb on the plasticell foundation. I had some fresh 1:1 syrup in a spray bottle and gave each side of the plasticell foundation a few pumps.

There were some new drone cells in the inner frames. Previously all drone cells were on the outside of the hive they built.

No supercedure cells were found.

Top feeder and pollen patty were removed. They are on their own as far as food and drink! There are plenty of blooms for them and my cherry tree (and the wild cherry trees out back) and strawberries are coming in as well as my neighbors apple trees. The dandelions are in full swing and lots of weeds are starting to flower. The bees will be well off. They have not used any of their syrup in the past two weeks.

The hive still had that beautiful floral smell to it.

Today was 77F with a small breeze. It has been rainy lately, but today was nice and warm. The bees were quite docile and did not threaten me, even as I went through each frame. I did smoke them through the front entrance and across the tops of the frames once the lid was off.

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