My Roots. My Mission.

Digital Dells was founded by Shawn Snarski in late 2010. I have been working online since 1998. Since then, I have helped over 1,000 websites to become a reality, and to become very highly ranked in each of the major search engines. I have kept a keen eye on emerging trends and new technologies. I have always had the attitude that "doing it right" was simply the best policy. Time and time again, this simple philosophy has paid off and built internet empires for my clients.

I am a life-long visitor of the Wisconsin Dells. I was here as early as a few months old and returned several times each summer to enjoy the Dells since the early 70's. When I was newly married, we came to the Dells on our honeymoon. Since it was August and we didn't have reservations (dumb move... the lack of reservations, not the wedding) we spent our first night of wedded bliss right in the heart of it all! (behind the Shell, facing the sandstone cliff.) Fortunately, the Polynesian had an opening the next night and we finished off the last leg of our honeymoon at Jellystone.

In 1998, we tried to move to the Dells, just as the season was closing... not the best time to look for work around here! I knew that I had to bring something to the Dells before she'd let me in and I turned to the internet. For many years after, I would work and study for hours before falling asleep on my keyboard. In 2005, I created based on my need to easily manage sitemaps for all of my SEO clients! To this day, it maintains a very high rank in Google for "Sitemap Generator", a very competitive search term.

In early 2010, I purchased my first house in the Dells! Since then, I have been studying the internet landscape of the Wisconsin Dells in detail, making notes, and seeing what had to be done to make the Dells explode online!

With over a decade of experience on the internet and a passion for the Dells that is second to none, it is my goal to help improve the community by providing an exceptional online presence for businesses in town to attract online attention from a global audience for the local tourism industry. To provide new revenue streams to companies striving to succeed in the age of the internet.

In an increasingly digital world, the brick and mortar companies that are thriving have all tapped into the power of the internet in very specific ways. Digital Dells applies my knowledge and skills, carefully honed over the past decade, in an effort to produce highly effective results for your companies bottom line without losing touch with what matters... a pleasant and enjoyable experience for your growing customer base.