Beehive inspection

Posted by on April 25, 2015

What a rush! Every time I have been ‘in’ the hive, the bees swarm all around me. I can hear buzzing in every direction and when the bees bump into me, telling me to leave the hive alone, it is like having grapes thrown at me. It is a really nice kick of adrenaline every time so far!

Frames 3-6 have lots of capped brood cells (40%). The laying pattern is tight with only a few open cells in the brood zone. The queen was found between frames 5 and 6.

Another gallon of syrup was added and the pollen patty is still in one piece, but heavily munched upon.

Dead bees were removed from the feeder and from the hive floor. Until about May 1st, none of the queens eggs will be ready to hatch. The only possible direction for the population to move in until eggs start hatching is to shrink.

It appears that all of the frames covered with bees are filled with brood. It stands to reason that new eggs are not possible until there are more bees to tend the babies, or until egg cells open up after hatching. Hopefully the queen can keep laying for another week until the population starts to grow. That would prevent any weird hiccups in the colony growth.

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