Chickens Final Week

Posted by on June 7, 2015

The first batch of chickens is entering their last week. They are about the size of basketballs or soccer balls.


The bigger ones are probably over 10 pounds and the smallest is over 8, more than likely.


It is obvious from their actions that the bigger males are well into their developmental teens and will likely have gonads as large as my thumb. They are being royal jerks (the biggest ones) and nipping at the others.


This batch of chickens is big enough to hold their own against our laying hens, who have owned the chicken zone for years! Our hens are not happy sharing ‘their’ space with these new invaders, but they are learning to get along. Hens are somewhat adaptable.


Next weekend, I will be putting this batch in the freezer and I will have a password protected post (THE PASSWORD IS slaughter) with the details of my backyard operation.

I will password protect that page because of graphic pictures and video necessary to pass along the knowledge that I have acquired. This year, I have new tools and new techniques designed to ease the chickens experience, speed up the process, and reduce the work involved with plucking the birds.

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