Many critters reside here. The stars of the show include our chicken and rabbits and even fish, though the fish are difficult to bond with on any level.

We employ other critters in our little Eco system such as worms and bees, plus we tap into the natural resources such as flies, mushrooms, and even a slew of cultivated bacteria. Those last 3 are used naturally, we just provide the right conditions and steer the final result in our favor.

We do engage in the humane slaughter of our rabbits and chickens, but those pages and tutorials will be stashed away in an effort to protect the more sensitive among us.

The password is: slaughter
No whining about what you see there, just do not enter that password and you can click to another page without having to see anything there at all.

If you want to view those pages, the password is ‘slaughter’ (without quotes). But you do know that those pages contain graphic images of animal slaughter, evisceration, butchering, and freezing. Whether you do it yourself or buy meat from a store or restaurant, this is tame compared to what happens in factories that supply those restaurants and grocery stores.

It is always our procedure to thank our critters for their gift of life to us. We always try to honor their sacrifice by utilizing every bit of the critter that we can. We offer every critter a happy and enjoyable life leading up to their gift.

Our breeding rabbits and egg laying hens stick around a good while and each of them is a member of our family. These critters will be referred to by name and/or personality.

Click on any of the critter links on this page to learn more about caring for these critters.

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