In HG Wells War of the Worlds, visitors from space deliver a wicked blow to Earthlings, but in the end those aliens with their impenatrable defenses are taken down by diseases they picked up from just being on Earth. It was mentioned that after millions of years of evolving alongside these common bacteria that we humans have earned the right to inhabit this planet and the alien forces were not prepared for the microbiotic life on earth.

Around the homestead, I harness and utilize many microscopic or slightly larger critters to help out around here. They help in the garden soil. They help in composting. They help in the septic tank. They raise bread. They help with chicken and rabbit odors. They help to eliminate bad bugs. Hell, with a little training they could park my truck. OK, the last one was not real.

Bacteria, fungi, and insects are what fill the pages of this section. These are the faceless, nameless, indistinguishable masses that fill our lives and I attempt to put reins and leashes on them!

I am a software engineer by trade with backgrounds in protective services and electrical work as a maintenance mechanic… Aside from an interest in the subject, nothing qualifies me to speak about the world of micro organisms except that I know what I do, and do what I know. I am a highly trained monkey when it comes to this stuff, but I have certainly learned a thing or two through the years. If any ACTUAL microbiologists have anything to say, I am always willing to learn and adjust.

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