First week beehive inspection

Posted by on April 17, 2015

The first beehive inspection on the 3lb package installed on April 11th went very well on Friday evening at 5:30 pm. Calm winds after a dry, sunny day. I found pollen cells, nectar being dried (uncapped), brood cells, and I even saw the queen herself on the third frame!

Frames 2 through 7 had at least some comb drawn on the foundation with cells in use on 3 through 6. The queen was located between frames 3 and 4, directly under the pollen cake.

Another gallon of 1:1 syrup was added and the pollen cake had several access holes chewed through the wax paper sheets (both were left intact when installed).

There was some evidence of robbing, but the hive was calm. They returned to the hive shortly after the inspection was complete and did not remain on high guard for long.

Most incoming bees had pollen on their legs. Those without pollen were not attacked by guards, so I chalk this up to unsuccessful scouting missions.

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