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This is where the homestead all began! In the early days, I loved good food. That spawned my love of cooking, which drove my interest in where that great tasting food comes from.

The driving principle in my recipes is to use single item ingredients wherever possible. Nothing I cook or eat is ‘light’ or ‘free’ of anything… Except pesticides, antibiotics, or ‘approved additives’ that did not grow in some recognizable fashion.

In short, I cook from scratch wherever possible. I cook GOOD food that tastes like something… No tofu nuggets here.

There is no calorie counting around here, but we do skip prepared (processed, chemicals added) foods. Despite this lack of counting, full exposure to carbs, fats, and proteins… I have lost an average of 1 pound per month over the past 3 years. While that hardly qualifies as a miracle diet, it is very sustainable and easy to follow and the weight is headed in the right direction.

The recipes listed here are part of our annual eatings. I mix it up with southern dishes, BBQ, Mexican, Italian, Asian cuisine, and plenty of whatever is in season.

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