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This section is filled with all manner of soaps, medicines, cleaning potions, and other miscellaneous treats for mind, body, and soul as well as stuff around the house.

Right off the bat, let me say that I am not a doctor. I am not posting cures for any health condition. But as a family in relatively good health, we choose to use these things in our life and around the house and they work for us.

Our favorite ‘upgrade’ is using Diatomaceous Earth in place of insecticides for bug control in the house. This powder is made from crushed rocks made from petrified algae. It is essentially a powdered stone that cuts insects with exoskeletons (hard bug shells) and drains them out. We get the white version for bug control since we have light floors and counters in the kitchen, but it also comes with a clay color because the clay has not been removed from that version of DE.

We put a small amount around our baseboards and where our counters meet the walls. This keeps the woodland bugs out in the woodland! Seriously, we have some freakish little bugs and spiders out here and DE works better than any spray or service we have ever used for bug control at any point before we found DE.

Is it safe? We feed it to our chickens and rabbits as a wormer and it helps to keep the bugs related to critter poop to a minimum during the ‘fly’ months when it warms up outside. We use it in our toothpaste as a mild abrasive.

There are some warnings… Breathing the powder can irritate your lungs like any fine powder will do. Getting it in your eyes will scratch them like any abrasive powder will do. Not all packages of DE are food grade, so do not eat the brown stuff and read labels vigorously!

One of the coolest ‘secrets’ is how we turn a $3 gallon of ‘dead’ apple cider vinegar into 4 quarts of $5 per quart ACV. It is easy… Buy one $5 quart of Braggs ACV with Mother and pour it into the cheap gallon jug. It is important that you use ACV with Mother, because the Mother is the living culture that turns apples into vinegar. Almost all of the benefits from ACV comes from the bacteria that are the Mother when they assemble in a colony.

Pour off some ACV from the jugs into another container and you can blend the Bragg’s with the cheap gallon more evenly. Place your container in a warm, dark area for a month and your cheap gallon is now a powerhouse of miracle cures and cleaning supplies for your hair, your windows, your skin, yard weed killer, food ingredient loaded with probiotics (the Mother again).

When your supplies start to run low, get another gallon of the cheap stuff and pour your living batch into the dead gallon, then store it warm and dark for another 30 days or so. Every few generations, I like to add new Bragg’s, just to be sure the Mother is strong. This is totally unnecessary if you can see a ‘pool’ of film on the undisturbed surface of the bottle. Be sure not to jostle the bottle as you open it to check on it. It can be difficult to see the clear Mother, so hunt for it and change the lighting if you do not see her in there. She will probably look like a few drops of mineral oil, or may have a wrinkled skin on the film. You can shake the bottle to break the Mother up and it will settle back together after a few minutes or hours.

There are a ton of other things to be posted here and they will be added over time or as they come up and I remember that we might want to look up later.

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