Hive inspection – week 5

Posted by on May 16, 2015

Queen was spotted on frame 4. More importantly, frame 2 was mostly drawn on one side. Frame 6 is full and frame 7 has not been touched yet. Sugar water 1:1 was sprayed on both sides of frames 1 and 7-10 to help stimulate more comb.

The entrance reducer was set to the larger opening and the robber screen was left off until the next morning so that all of our bees can find their way home. It is funny to watch them head directly for where their smaller entrance was since it was switched to the right versus it used to be on the left.

The brood cells that were uncapped contained larvae or at least eggs. This queen is prolific, but I really would like to see more comb being drawn. There is tons of nectar around, but did I remove the feeder too soon and make a newbie mistake? They sure do forage a bunch.

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