10 foot tomatoes and beans

Several of my bean vines have passed the 10 foot mark and are still growing. My tomatoes are on their way and are about 7 foot tall at the moment. How? A trellis based on conduit! I picked up some 1/2″ by 10′ rebar and cut it down between 2-4 feet each. I went with … Continue reading »

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Planted Tomatoes Today

Today we dropped 24 tomatoes into our 16′ x 16′ garden where we currently have almost 100 garlic in a 2-3′ x 16′ strip along one side. The tomatoes went in 4 rows of 6 plants each. We have a strip left along one fence to plant something ‘not bushy’ like maybe sunflowers? We added … Continue reading »

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Corn, Beans, and Squash planted today

Yesterday, the weather turned nice in the AM and my garden plots dried up enough by about 3PM to get at it with the tiller. I did the first pass shallow to turn in the weeds and leftover crops from last years seeds. The chickens got to spend a few minutes gobbling up a ton … Continue reading »

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Slug Traps

Slug traps are a quick and easy solution to one of the biggest problems facing ripe and juicy strawberries. Slugs love the environment created by the straw used as mulch for the berries to rest on. Without that layer of straw, the berries would rot quicker than they ripen if left on soil. I use … Continue reading »

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Transplanted tomatoes

I have transplanted tomatoes into 4″ pots. I started with 50 seedlings (100 because the first batch 50 failed due to weird new peat pellets and my not looking at them until the seeds dropped into a huge hole in the new pellets). I am now down to 30 pots with 25 spaces available in … Continue reading »

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Tomato Seedlings

a href=””> This shows a newly planted flat on the left and a flat that was planted 2 weeks ago (March 15). The first flat used ‘discount’ pellets and I missed a deep hole in the center of each pellet that many of the seeds fell too deeply into the holes and most never sprouted. … Continue reading »

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