Reuse (Reduce, and Recycle)

One of the biggest things we do around the homestead is reuse stuff. Chickens, rabbits, worms, and fish are the best sources of organic fertilizer to grow exceptional veggies.

The parts of plants that we do not eat are usually loved by at least one of our critters. If that does not work, then we have compost for most of our waste, and even more extreme tools to reuse the parts of our critters we do not eat.

We strive to reduce the amount of true garbage that needs to get carted off and typically produce a 13 gallon bag of trash each week for 3 people. Some weeks we don’t have anything to put out at the curb. Some weeks, the ideal is not as ideal as we would like it to be.

Read on below to see how we find new uses for the waste we could be tossing into wherever.

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