Slug Traps

Posted by on May 20, 2015

Slug traps are a quick and easy solution to one of the biggest problems facing ripe and juicy strawberries. Slugs love the environment created by the straw used as mulch for the berries to rest on. Without that layer of straw, the berries would rot quicker than they ripen if left on soil.

I use empty garlic jars since they are usually wide and short with a lid hole smaller than the sides of the jar. This creates a small amount of ceiling, which prevents the slugs from crawling back out until they drown in a small pool of beer.

Those little slugs love the smell of the fermented brew and are drawn into the jar until I come and empty them for the chickens to feast upon. The chickens love things like slugs and they also love fermented grains!

It only takes an ounce or two of beer in each garlic jar, and they can be spaced 2-6 feet apart. I like to play “one for the garden, one for the gardener” when refilling the traps. Ahh, the drinking games of the homesteaders! Git ‘r done.

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