Websites Designed for Success

Web Design covers all aspects of how your website looks when viewed on the internet as well as how your visitors will interact with the website. People who use the internet today use a wide variety of ways to access the internet and many older designs do not show up correctly on newer browsers. Mobile Access has been growing at an incredible rate and is forecasted to surpass 'regular' internet access in the very near future. Couple that with the fact that most visitors to the Wisconsin Dells are not using their laptops or desktops when they are actually in the Dells area, and you need a web presence that works on any platform.

As a staunch supporter of hand-coding and standards-based web coding, Digital Dells websites are able to adapt to any emerging web technologies quickly and accurately. Sure it takes a little more work to get your website 'just right' the first time around, but the quality is well worth it and you will notice that more of the people visiting your site become your customers. Let's face it... even if your website works in your browser, it simply MUST work in the browsers and on the devices of those viewing your website or they won't get the message you want them to get. With cheaper design standards, you will lose potential customers to the 'other website' that DOES work (on whatever browser their customers use).

Besides the aesthetics and the ability to please search engines, you want a website that you KNOW is a success. What determines your websites success?
  • Low Bounce Rate (people leaving within seconds without clicking to a second page)
  • Number of pageviews per visit (interest level of your visitor)
  • Length of time on page (another indicator of interest)
  • Fast Page Loading Speed (keeps your visitors interest longer)

How is your website doing with respect to these metrics right now? Digital Dells has a client are for you to view these stats on a daily basis and to make sure that these numbers (and others) are constantly improving. These are industry standard statistics that indicate how successful your website is at keeping your visitors happy and interested in what you have to say.

There is one visitor to your website that everyone welcomes... the search engine crawlers! Digital Dells websites have what it takes to welcome the search engines in. Our websites are designed to feed the search engines with a specially crafted diet of food they love (information about your business). Our websites not only please human visitors, but they have the proper coding that major search engines are looking for... and a happy search engine is one that ranks your website well.