Built for Speed on Any Road

Web Development covers functional aspects of your website. E-Commerce, Order forms, Contact forms, Email List Building, Customer Reviews... This is just a small sampling of what can be available for your website. You have a basic website already, but it's just sitting there... not doing much. Spice it up! Make it move! GRAB people's attention and make your website work for you!

I have built complex web applications including online stores, membership sites, merchant account integrations, web crawlers, search engines, website installers, domain parking systems, and more. Most of my development work begins when someone has an idea they would like to use on their website. After listening to what you have in mind and bouncing some ideas back and forth, I will show you a complete plan to help your online business succeed. I will work with you to turn your ideas into reality. I not only listen to your ideas, but I have many tricks up my sleeve that can enhance your ideas, or help to build them into new directions.

When you think of the digital jungle, you know that security cannot be far behind. Digital Dells has a very high standard for internet security and all E-Commerce enabled websites are built to meet or exceed PCI specifications. My hosting solutions are ultra-secure and pass any type of security scan I've encountered in the past decade. Security goes beyond the Security Certificate and extend to how the server is configured, how the firewall has been setup, and what kinds of software is watching all of the other security software to quickly identify potential security issues before they become a problem. This multi-tiered system of security has given me over a decade of uncompromised websites.

Only the most popular and powerful web programming languages are used to ensure that your website will work on a variety of servers into the future. It is my goal to build a reliable and fast system for you that lasts for many years to come.