Fast, Secure, Rock Solid Web Hosting Solutions

Web Hosting is the foundation of any website. It begins with a computer connected to the internet and it gets filled up with the files that create your website. It serves up your web pages when people visit your website.

Hosting should also be secure and should prevent multiple types of attacks that exist on the internet. Digital Dells servers have over a decade of being battle-tested by hackers on a daily basis with ZERO successful attacks on servers managed by Digital Dells founder, Shawn Snarski. I attribute this record to multiple layers of security on your server that prevent the kinds of attacks that cripple or expose other websites. I use software which monitors the other software to be sure it's all running correctly and able to do it's job.

Hosting should also return web pages very quickly, no matter how much traffic comes in from your advertising efforts. With optimized database queries and efficient PHP code, I have not met a site yet that couldn't be tamed down to minimal server usage. This means faster pages, better visitor retention, and higher sales conversion rates. I personally tune each server to use resources in a way that keep your website running at blazing fast speeds, no matter how many visitors you receive.