Week old rabbits

Posted by on May 10, 2015

These little guys are a week old and have a very fine, but complete, layer of bunny fuzz. At least one of the 5 kits has 1 eye open. In the next couple days all 10 of those little red eyes will be open wide and looking for trouble to get into.

Momma has been going through about 2 cups of food per day and about a quart of water each day. This is about double her normal feeding habits. This girl will visit our stud bunny, Bugs, 45 days after these babies were born. That will be around June 17th. She will be pregnant for 28 days, making this current litter about 2.5 months old when they need to be removed from moms cage to make room for the new babies. At that point, the babies will be at least 5 pounds each, leaving a 3 pound package for the freezer in mid July.

Each rabbit consumes about $5 in feed and takes about 15 minutes from cage to freezer. A typical litter of 8 kits will take just over 3 hours including setup and cleanup.

In the meantime, our other momma met with Bugs about a week ago and still has 3 weeks until she gives birth.

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